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Sinclair Primrose 16X3 Z194 - AAA# +14587258

Pictured at 11 years
  Emulation N Bar 5522
N Bar Emulation EXT
  N Bar Primrose 2424
  N Bar Moderation 9957
N Bar Primrose U2110
  N Bar Primrose 1986

This productive cow records 8 calves at 100 BR, 101 WR and 102 YR. Her dam produced 13 natural calves before going into the Sinclair donor program and then lived to 20. 16X3 is the dam of Sinclair Rito Promise 0R12, a herd sire utilized by us, Neiman Cattle Co. and Sinclair Cattle Co. A son, C F C Pistoleer 2C31 was a top selling bull in our 2014 offering going to 9R Land and Cattle.

Sinclair Rito Promise 0R12 - Son of 16X3

Daughter - C F CPrimrose 2CF4 pictured as a wet 2

Son - C F C Pistoleer 2C31

Daughter - C F C Primrose 4C7 as a wet 3yo   Daughter - C F C Primrose 4C17 nursing first calf