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Sinclair C Pride 5P64 2F21 - AAA# 14969471

  Gardens Prime Time
N Bar Prime Time D806
  N Bar Miss Emulous A404
  N Bar Moderation 9955
N Bar Clova Pride S C C 2F21
  N Bar Clova Pride V978

This cow has proven herself the hard way over time recording 10 calves at 99 birth ratio, 106 weaning ratio and 103 yearling ratio. Her progeny carcass tabulations are also positive with 4 scanned at 106 IMF and 103 REA ratios. She truly is a unique breeding piece ranking in the top 1% of the Angus breed for low birth weight, top 3% CED, top 5% CEM and top 10% for $EN or energy savings, while also offering more performance and scope than most cattle of similar pedigree. She consistently transmits length, extension and structural correctness with good docility. At 10 her udder is still very snug and she has small well placed teats. Her son C F C Cold Powder 2C51 has been used on heifers here through A.I. and natural service. Flushes by GDAR Game Day 449.

Son - C F C Cold Powder 2C51