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C F C Dixie Erica 8A2 - AAA# +16229762

  Sitz Alliance 6595
H A Power Alliance 1025
  H A Rito Lady 4167
  Q A S Traveler 23-4
C M Dixie Erica 796C
  Dixie Erica of R R 9275

This tremendous young daughter of the 796C cow records a birth ratio of 98 and nursing ratio of 108 on her first 3 calves with a calving interval of 369 days. She earned these records with two of the first three calves being sired by maternal brothers. We “stole” a flush from her in the spring of 2012 and she bred back on the next cycle. This extremely docile young cow is pictured in her working clothes shortly before calving in 2013. Her thickness and capacity are quite evident. Flushes sired my Sinclair Emulation XXP, N Bar Emulation Ext A1747, Hyline Right Time 338 and Boyd New Day 8005.


Son - C F C Urlacher V53 Daughter - C F C Dixie Erica 3X1 as wet 2